Dark Times 9 – 1994

Life was like a box of choclates for the people of 1994, you never knew what you were going to get. Except George.

Star Wars had ceased to be a rumour whispered in the dark by 1993. Its name once again became synonymous with great commercial success and technological progress courtesy of Rebel Assault and the resultant mass-introduction of the CD-ROM drive, as well as motion picture magic due to ILM’s groundbreaking work on Jurassic Park under the direction of George Lucas himself.

Star Wars comfortably returned to the media’s hot chair and therefore to the people’s pop culture awareness.
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Dark Times 8 – 1993

Steven Spielberg effortlessly climbed the scales of box office glory, Arnold tripped on a sidekick en route to success and buff Sly could still hang on to the top of the crop: dinosaurs sent shockwaves through the world of 1993.

Romping, stomping and trampling all over the place, the adaptation of Michael Crichton’s unforgettable Jurassic Park dominated school yards and office tittle-tattle as Steven Spielberg had once again proven his deft hand at filmmaking. As much an inspired update on Jaws as a technological breakthrough, the blockbuster made Industrial Light and Magic the industry’s first and foremost expert on character animation.
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Dark Times 7 – 1992

Improvement on the groundwork for the still distant prequels continues in 1992 as a smart product policy advances the familiarity with the OT.

The release of Timothy Zahn’s Heir of the Empire and its sequels Dark Force Rising and The Last Command was by no means arbitrary. As an actual continuation trilogy of the OT, it was only fitting that this exciting series coincided with Lucasfilm’s re-issue of the classics on video in their letterbox incarnations.
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