Dark Times 11 – 1996 – Part 3

While Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt were busy twisting box office receipts, a powerful new ally joined Lucasfilm in 1996: ‘Hmmm….powerful collector, he is.’

Every media has its fair share of legendary classics. They have in common a huge following regardless of time and age – and especially marketing muscle. For it is the consumer’s infatuation with a product that pencils popularity into the record books of the entertainment industry. The key to such voluntary commitment on the part of the public lies in deft, responsible management of franchise assets that ensures lively interest whilst planting the seeds for anticipation.

Lucasfilm had dedicated the latter half of the 90ies building a repertoire of product, strictly distanced from short-lived opportunism that throws all available content on the market in one senseless waste of potential. Star Wars was the only major motion picture property without new instalments in the near future and yet impressively went from strength to strength. To send this already stellar track record beyond the stars on the eve of the Star Wars Special Edition, Lucasfilm inducted a most versatile man into their fold. Trade paper Variety read on February 22nd, 1996: ‘Sweet Deal For Sansweet’.

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Dark Times 11 – 1996 – Part 2

If it hadn’t been for Sean Connery’s blasting everyone on Alcatraz in 1996, one’s ears might have been pleasantly tickled from across the Bay by Rick McCallum: ‘It’s gonna be awesome.’

The media was busy reporting on Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day, which kept blasting box office records out of the sky. Variety’s Todd McCarthy noted adroitly how ‘it took a foreigner to create what could arguably be the most patriotic film since John Wayne rode into the sunset’ (Variety, Mon. July 1st, 1996). Hulking space ships racing in above the heads of speechless audiences…seen this before, we have.
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